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Zokei Bonsai Founder United States

Setsuko Evans

Setsuko Evans founded Setsuko's School of Floral Design, Silk Flower and Zokei Bonsai Arrangement in 1970 in Tokyo, Japan. Setsuko moved to America in 1982 and established Setsuko's School of Floral Design, Silk Flower and Zokei Bonsai Arrangement.

Setsuko Evans uses silk, organdy, paper, paint and other materials to create Zokei Bonsai in true imitation of the living nature in trees and flowers, like three dimensional paintings. A craft which grew out of principles of Western artificial flower making, it has assumed a new direction in Japan. Setsuko Evans has taught Zokei Bonsai in many states of the United States as well as Germany, Italy, and Japan. She is a certified member of the Nippon Flower Gigei Association, and is one of only two Master Instructors teaching this Art Form outside of Japan.

Setsuko has been teaching at Nikkei Horizons in Seattle and South Tacoma Washington for the past 8 years and will soon start classes at the Asia Pacific Cultural Center in Tacoma Washington. In addition to teaching, Setsuko has exhibited Zokei Bonsai annually at Seattle's Cherry Blossom Festival and the Lake Wood Public Library in Lakewood Washington.

Please contact Setsuko at Setsuko@Zokeibonsai.com if you have questions about Zokei Bonsai or Silk Flower Making and Arrangements.